Importance of hotel planning phase.

Faza planowania hotelu Hotel opening

Importance of hotel planning phase. Owning a hotel without proper infrastructure is like having a Ferrari with a Fiat engine – that’s how I would figuratively put it by neglecting the hotel planning phase. Through my desk passes a new hotel project on a regular basis. I consider this moment to be the most important […]

Standard operating procedures – a hit or a myth?

Procedury operacyjne w hotelu Standard operating procedures

Standard operating procedures in a hotel – a hit or a myth? For many a salvation, for others a bane. What makes operating procedures in hotels a topic treated like a stone in the shoe? You manage a hotel and have everything you potentially need – a cool property in a good location, unique product […]

What does personal training have to do with food & beverage management?

Zarządzanie gastronomia hotelową

What does personal training have to do with food & beverage management? Nothing at first glance. And yet… Imagine that you have just made a decision that you want to improve your condition and figure, but you do not know where to start. So you go to a personal trainer. You meet, you decide what […]

What is challenging for a hotel investor?

Planowanie hotelu. Hotel planning and development.

What is challenging for a hotel investor when planning a hotel? The truth about hotel planning and development. Hotels are highly complex real-estate projects involving high risk and often consuming a prodigious amount of time, energy, and capital.  A combination of extreme uncertainty, an extensive and ever-shifting array of market segments and high expectations from […]

Opening a hotel – delight or pain?

Otwarcie hotelu. Hotel opening

Opening a hotel – a delight or a pain? For my perspective, the most exciting and complexed time for any hotel general manager is when receiving the opportunity to open its own hotel and lead the pre-opening team. It all starts normally around one year prior to the set opening date.  What it appears to […]

Mentoring in hospitality- a cure for the shortage of professionals?

Mentoring w hotelarstwie. Mentoring in hospitality.

Mentoring in hospitality industry – a cure for the shortage of professionals? Because of COVID-19 the hospitality industry has lost many professional managers.  Skilled people that were able to find alternative jobs during that hard period, today, are not willing or planning to go back into the hospitality industry.  The result is that with the […]

Why hotels need budget?

Hotel budget Studio Alpina

Why hotels need budget? To be successful in business, every company needs to create a business plan that forms the basis of management decisions. Based on the business plan, company defines the objectives of the business, looks at the risks and uncertainties and develops business activities that lead to the realization of the set goals. […]