Asset management

Representing the owner, perceiving hotel as an asset to maximize return on investment over the asset life cycle and increasing the value of the asset is the main scope of work. At first sights it seems an unnecessary position, especially there where management companies are running the hotel. Quite often however, the interest of both parties does not align. Hotel operators are focused on protecting their brand standards and growing their network and scale, while owners are concerned with their properties. There where it is an imbalance in the knowledge and experiences on how to run an hotel, there is a potential issue. It is therefore recommended that owners balance out the lack of expertise by hiring a professional Hotel Asset Manager.

Main subjects covered by Hotel Asset Manager:

  • carrying out analysis and interpretation of revenue, demand generators, financial reporting, and management data on regular basis to assess the performance of hotel, and where necessary evolve short and long-term strategies to enhance performance,
  • performing on-site property inspection and spot deficiencies in cleanliness, service levels, and property condition,
  • preparing and delivering standard market and operations report weekly, monthly, and quarterly and ensure they are accurate and done timely,
  • applying data from company benchmarking systems to improve operating results and best practices,
  • verification of current information on demographics, change in demand and supply, that have an impact on the performance and positioning of a hotel,
  • making sure that management agreement and other contracts are fulfilled,
  • reviewing and analyzing quarterly reporting and annual operating budgets as well as aid finance and accounting team on monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting,
  • participation in development of hotel strategic plans with executive leadership team,
  • keeping record and constant engagement to ensure performance of assigned assets or/and portfolio.