Hotel pre-opening

Opening a hotel is a complex project, which requires skilled participants. No matter the size of the hotel, there are certain phases and procedures which must be respected and implemented, to achieve the best score at each phase of the project. Any delay caused by bad planning, has a negative effect on the company cash flow, and on the public opinion.

The core services include:

  • operational pre-opening budget – this reflects anticipated expenses associated with operational activities required to prepare for a hotel’s opening,
  • preparation of the hotel pre-opening activities & milestone checklist,
  • keeping team focus on matching set deadlines and elaborate new strategies and emergency plans,
  • preparation of operating equipment purchase list (OSE list) putting the right emphasis on quantities, cost, and delivery deadlines,
  • providing support and advice the hotel management team,to ensure the opening of the hotel on the set date,
  • post-opening review, which include: review of guests’ feedback, validity of implemented processes, hotel Key Performance Indicators(KPI), analysisof operational costs, preparation of a punch list.