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Emanuele Dalnodar

Hospitality is not only my profession – it’s my lifestyle.

I live it with passion, vision, knowledge and experience. I work with and for people to open their desired door to success.

Studio Alpina Hospitality Professionals is a well-established business partner in Poland.

We offer a comprehensive range of services and tools tailor-made to each project, based on knowledge and experience, aiming to provide value added and a positive return of investment to owners and investors alike.

Educational background combined with decades of experience and expertise in hotel renovation, rebranding and new opening enables to deliver exceptionally professional service to investors and owners alike.
Opening a hotel is a complex project, which requires skilled participants. No matter the size of the hotel, there are certain phases and procedures which must be respected and implemented, to achieve the best score at each phase of the project.
We have an extensive knowledge and expertise in hotel management gained by working for renown international hotel companies. While managing an hotel, we do oversee all aspects of property management in accordance with the company mission statement and established quality standards.
A review of operations by an independent team, with no preconceived notions or views about the property or the market, benefits both the hotel’s operator and its investors.
The most successful hoteliers rely on fundamental financial management principles to enable them to manage their property profitably. In this respect we use expertise and experience to build detailed financial tracking reports.
Representing the owner, perceiving hotel as an asset to maximize return on investment over the asset life cycle and increasing the value of the asset is the main scope of work. At first sights it seems an unnecessary position, especially there where management companies are running the hotel.
We are a team of experienced hospitality professionals with wide expertise in general hotel management, rooms division, food and beverage, finance, revenue management and sales & marketing.

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