Hotel Pre-opening and Project Management

Opening a hotel is a complex project, which requires skilled participants. No matter the size of the hotel, there are certain phases and procedures which must be respected and implemented; it is crucial to gain the best score at each phase.
Since this is a project which involves many stakeholders, it is important to plan all steps carefully to ensure all the requirements are fulfilled. All aspects and potential risks must be considered and merged with the strategy. Over my career, I have had the privilege to be solely responsible for the opening of or to be part of the pre-opening team for several projects here in Poland. The last one was Hotel Saltic Resort & SPA in Grzybowo, the most prestigious one the WESTIN Warsaw.

The core services include:

Preparing the operational pre-opening budget. This reflects anticipated expenses associated with operational activities required to prepare for a hotel’s opening.

Executive Hiring and Relocation
Staff Recruiting and Training
Temporary office space and Equipment
Sales, Marketing & Public Relations

Reviewing and if necessary, updating the original business plan focusing on sales, marketing, and revenue management strategies

Preparing and or reviewing the project budget. This would typically include operating supplies, equipment, (OSE list) and technology, putting the right emphasis on quantities, cost, and delivery deadlines.

With the appointed management team, preparing the “stub year” budget. Typically, a hotel’s first year operating budget, commonly referred to as a “stub” or “partial” year budget, is due from the hotel manager 60 to 90 days before the hotel opening date. This budget will set the expectations between ownership and the management team for the initial operating period. It is important that the key budget assumption aligns with the investment objectives.

Project Management.

Preparing Hotel pre-opening activity & Milestone Checklist

Controlling of project supplies
Reviewing of construction work
A focus on managing the expenses within the set budge & adhering to deadlines

Advisor to the Investor regarding Architectural drawings and for Furniture, Fixtures, and equipment (FFE)

Identifying and selecting candidates for the Key Management positions of the hotel. (typically, this would include: Hotel Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, Revenue Manager, Financial Controller, HR Manager and Executive Chef.)

Taking full accountability for preparing the Hotel Standard of Operation (SOP) and procedure

Taking full accountability for opening the Hotel at the set deadline.

Post opening review (this would include guests’ comments, validity of implemented processes, Hotel KPI’s, operational costs, punch list)