General Hotel Management

I am an experienced hotel General Manager and gained my expertise on how to successfully run a hotel business thanks to the excellent mentorship I received from my former boss Gerd Bauer. In the role of the General Manager, I oversee all aspects of property management in accordance with the company mission statement and established quality standards.
I offer my services as short term interim or relief General Manager, as well as an appointed long-term GM. I can work on the hotel site or in a cluster environment.

The essential duties and responsibilities include:

Overseeing the hotel operation and focus on hotel KPI’s to maximize financial performance and owners’ return of investment.

Submit to relevant stakeholders the yearly business plan including sales and marketing strategies and budgeted profit and loss statement.

Set goals and objectives for the entire management team and accountability for achieving them.

Hotel Revenue and Events Management; coach and counsel the management team with learning and applying processes to maximize business opportunities.

Complying with brand standard requirements; set, implement, and control standard of operation (SOP) to achieve the highest service quality standard.

Drive guest and staff satisfaction; utilizing the voice of the customer (internal and external), to deliver high quality service, build customer loyalty and maintain a low-level staff turnover.

Team management and development; assist the owners and HR leaders during the hiring processes, promoting the use of behavioral interview techniques and the mantra “Hire for attitude and train for skill”.